Uipath Cloud Orchestrator API Authentication Failure (Authorization Code)


I have previously consumed the Orchestrator API with the API Key and Client Credentials methods. These two concepts are quite clear to me. This time I wanted to try and unterstand Authorization Code.

When I checked the documentation, I noticed a new parameter: acr_values

Here the description of the field;

Allows Identity Server to apply an authentication policy based on the organization to which the user belongs. Can take different values:

  • acr_values=tenant:{target organization GlobalId} - the organization ID serves as an ACR value.

  • acr_values=tenantName:{target organization name} - the organization name acts as an ACR value.

And I tried different values like;

tenant:{orgID} (I know this only one makes sense :slight_smile: , but tried others anyways )




But everytime i get the same error;

BackendUris of the ScaleUnit not found in policy, please verify the ScaleUnit Id

Then i noticed there is two documentation page;

1- Automation Cloud - External Applications (OAuth)

2- Orchestrator - External Applications (OAuth)

The same endpoint is used on both pages: https://cloud.uipath.com/identity_/connect/authorize

But 2. page has another endpoint https://cloud.uipath.com/connect/authorize and doesn’t contains anything about acr_values.

When i tried it i got another error page.

I tried it with different Enterprise Orchestrators, but got the same result.

  • Probably i am missing a details or something.
  • However, I don’t understand why there are 2 different documentation pages.
  • And it seemed strange that there was no documentation other than this page about the new parameter: acr_values

I did a good research before creating the topic, but I couldn’t find anything.

Thanks in advance folks :slight_smile:


the second page where acr is not mentioned looks correct but the url might be wrong in it

can you try with the first url only



I was trying x-www-form-urlencoded, instead of url paremeters. That was the mistake.

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