UiPath Certification URL

I want to upload my certificate on linkedin, so what is the ‘Certification URL’.
Please help me with this.

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To my knowledge, there is no certification URL or public repository with the certificates for UiPath. You can download a PDF and that’s it for the moment. The current certificates also do not include a visible unique ID.


There is Unique ID in the UiPath Developer certificate .But I’m not sure abt certification URL to verify it,
Please let us know if anyone knows about URL,
I hope below link will help you to get certificate with unique ID

Mohan R

I recommend uploading it on Google Drive or Box. And then you can upload the link onto your Linkedin! :smiley:


there is a link, which gets you to your certification

you need to check your code, which is not clear


I recently completed the certification and still I didnt got any certification URL only option is to download it .
Please help me if you know how to get the URL.

hi @Rashi_Arora
Go to the Certificatiln url, do a login and you will see your certificate after you complete the survey at the bottom :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help.

At the bottom of your UiPath Certificate PDF you’ll see a code, enter that code into the URL below (replacing your code with “CERTIFICATE_CODE”) and it will list your verification of certification. This would be the correct link to use when listing your certificate on LinkedIn.

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For any training completed , Uipath issues a diploma and for successful completion of the Advanced developer exam we are awarded the certification.

I have not been able to locate the diploma ids or validation code, as is indicated by the certification website. However, pls note the certification platform is still under beta, which could be the reason for missing validation ids for training diplomas.

If anybody has been able get the complete validation URL with validation id for respective training diploma via Uipath certification website? Kindly share with details.


Its working. Thank you :slight_smile:

I took my Certified RPA Associate exam last week and also ran into this same issue. It looks like as of today the current url for verifying uipath certificates is: UiPath - Certificate Verification - CertMetrics

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Log into your certmetrics account and click on the badges tab. From there you’ll have a link to share your UiPath Certification on Facebook or LinkedIn, and you also get a link for a UiPath Certification Logo download.

UiPath Badge Verification

You’ll also get a badge verification id to prove that indeed your UiPath cert is real. My URL looks something like this:

It generates a nice, handsome, UiPath Certified Logo page that looks like this:

Here’s a video detailing how to get the UiPath Logo and Badge from Certmetrics:

I read your question correctly and I told it to my elder brother https://forum.uipath.com/t/uipath-10eloto And I have shared it with my friends. As soon as I get the best answer, I will tell you here.

This share option is no longer present in the certmetrics page. PFA. So has this option been discontinued?