UiPath API error: "Unauthorized"

I want to access the Orcestrator using Postman and the Orcestrator API.
I now try to Authenticate on Orcestrator using:
and these Headers:
Content-Type: application/json
X-UIPATH-TenantName: {{tenantName}}

I now get an unauthorized error. what am I doing wrong?

BR, Clemens


Did you provided USerKey and Client ID into the body part or not ?

Please check below thread to know more about this.

User Key and Client ID are included in the {{tenantName}} right?
otherwise there is no option where I should insert this

sorry, I am stupid, I am new to postman and did not see the field: Body
Thank you so much


It won’t be included.

You need to pass body also for that POST request.

And also you will get these details from API Access page from your cloud account.


Please refer above mentioned link in previous post and follow the steps.

thank you, that worked, can you also tell me where I can find {{folderId}}


You need to send GET Request to your cloud account to get all folder ID’s from your tenant.


when I do so, I get an 401 unautorized again


Did you passed Bearer Token generated from previous step under Authorization or not ?

I guess you did not pass that and because of that you are getting that error.

no I did not :slight_smile:
Do I put it in the header or body?


In between Params and Headers there is one more tab called Authorization right. You need to pass bearer token into that part.

Awesome it worked!
Thank you so much!

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