UiPath Academy not able to load my dashboard page

When clicking on My Dashboard page just shows a spinning circle and will not load.

Can you please delete all UiPath cookies from your Browser and login again?


Hi Andy, deleted all cookies and still get spinning circle for my dashboard in UiPath Academy.

I have been able to access the training through learning by role, RPA developer foundation. However, today I see there are now two RPA developer foundation courses the new one with 16 courses for 35hrs 45 min and a 2nd that I had been doing RPA Developer foundation (v2019.4) with 13 courses. Am I right to assume the 16 course program is the newer version?


All the best


Some of the courses are new and Target 2020 or higher versions. So yes, the most recent course must be the most relevant.

Also, keep an eye out for notifications. Academy has been phasing out courses that it considers outdated. Therefore make sure that you complete the course that is meant for older product versions.


Thanks will do.