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I have already worked on UiPath’s Document Understanding product. But off late, I missed out on the recent updates in it. So, I thought of going back to UiPath Academy and brush up my skills in it. But when I Select the topic “Document Understanding” , I could see 10 courses below. I’m confused about which one is the latest. Which Order I should start the course. Also, There is a video for “Overview”. This Overview is for the latest version of the Studio? I don’t find any dates about when the Videos are posted.

So, How to find the Order in which i need to start the Course? and Is there a way to find out the Date in which the Video was Published?


Lets remove the older one.

These are release notes means what’s changed in that particular version compare to older. This is only for reference if you know the document understanding so you can refer these at last.

Here is the learning sequence you should follow. It’s sorted from difficulty level beginner to advance.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Thanks Ashok for sorting out the correct Order.

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