UiAutomation Package 18.4 Activities not showing up in Studio 19.2

I am using Studio 19.2 and my code version is 18.4.3 The UiAutomation package 18.4.3 activities(Element Exists etc.) show up as “Unresolved Activities” when i open the code in 19.2 Studio. The UiAutomation package shouldn’t have a problem with 18.4.4 and above versions, but i see this issue. Please suggest


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Hi @Prudhvi
Can you share the specific issue or the package that you need to install ?

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are you finding this package?

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Kindly check once with the Manage package option from design tab and check with project dependencies like why is the current version of UiAutomation package, if possible share that screenshot
Also check whether official feed is enabled in Settings of Manage Packages

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(upload://cmtnZr48MdL7l93ehyYzjyO6Gc7.png) .
My activities look like this. To the left is UiAutomation Package 18.4.3


Sorry about the previous screen shot

Attached the screen shot for manage packages, everything was enabled.