TypeInto Activity

I am doing web automation. Filling few fields using AnchorBase activity.

When I run the application, some times, the text fields will be entered with the values and some times it does not.
I have kept 100 milliseconds delay between the keys.

Is there any thing else which needs to be done, so that works every time.


Hi @Viswanath_Vankadari,

Two things you can try are:

  1. Use Hover activity or click activity on the text input field. This is because some of the text fields in some applications and websites listen to your mouse activity or need somekind of an activation

  2. Use an element exists before the anchor base activity. The anchor base will only work if the anchor activity can find its element. So a element exist on the anchor element would be a good robust way. Here you could use the boolean in a If condition. If true–> anchorbase

Hi Jeevith,
Thanks for giving the input.
I have already enabled Click Activity on the text input field. But its not giving the expected result.

If I use ElementExists activity, then it will delay the system.

Is there any thing, which can be done??


Hi @Viswanath_Vankadari

100 milliseconds = 0,1 Second - This is nothing
Try this
2000 milliseconds = 2 seconds
3000 milliseconds = 3 seconds
4000 milliseconds = 3 seconds

Or use Delay Activity and add 00:00:02

for each form, I have to fill around 30 fields…If I delay 2 seconds for each field, the performance of the system will come down. :frowning_face:

Is there any better approach??


Try to use Do While with element exist and the conditions you will have like this.