Type of Robots in UiPath || Attended/Unattended vs Standard/Floating Robots

Hi All,

Can anyone help me understand the types of Robots in UiPath.
I found this through the UiPath Doc for Attended Robots and Unattended Robots

I want know the same for Standard Robots and Floating Robots.

  1. What they do the best?
  2. How do they work?
  3. Where do they run?

Attended Robots and Unattended Robots we use them very often in processes, where does Standard/Floating Robots come in use? Who uses Standard/Floating Robots?, does it requires a different role to work with Standard/Floating Robots?

Maybe a differentiation between both with bring a better clarity with these robots.

I have read the docs several times but I wasn’t able to clear my questions, can anyone share there understandings please!

Thanks, and Happy Automation :slight_smile:

@Zeba did you get the answer.