Two text file compare

compare two text files and check first text file perform some operation on second text file


read two text files as string and compare the strings.

what you need to check ?

if in first text file particular word number is available then delete that number row from second text file

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you want to perform the activity in Excel or notepad? where you want to execute your automation?

This is my two text file one is sample.txt & other is sample1.txt and i want to read sample.txt text file then check Option A if Option A have Account code ex. 113401 then goto sample 1.txt and remove row which has account no 113401
then again check second Option A again it has account no then remove from sample1.txt

instead of notepad , you can use excel file

And using the for each loop you can pass the value and using the remove data row activity. you can remove the line item. :slight_smile:

sample.txt (559 Bytes)
sample1.txt (828 Bytes)
above are the two text file sample & sample 1 can you tell me in sample.txt check option A in if it has account number then remove that account number row from sample1.txt

Is it possible two text file compare and remove some records from second text file.

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