Trying to get attachment full name in an email

Hi I am trying to get full name of attachment file in an email I used the script below and is not throwing the full name is showing the first five or six letters of the attachment name can someone instead of the full attachment name please help

path.GetExtension(row(“Attachment File Name”).ToString)

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you can download all the attachments and loop through those file and get files names individually !

GetFileNames.xaml (6.3 KB)
you can have look at this sample to get filenames
first download all the files in a folder and give the folder path to it!

Hey buddy
You were almost done
Just we need to change the method used from Path
To get the full Filename
We need to mention as
Path.GetFilename(row(“Attachment File Name”).ToString)


Without file type and only Filename
Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(row(“Attachment File Name”).ToString)

Cheers @Joe.Osifo

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how to retrieve the name of the attachment of email , attachment can be .msg .pdf .xls .xlsx format
retrieve the list of string as list of all the attachments of email ?