Trying to deserialize Json Format


I am trying to deserialize a json format but getting below error -


Basically, it is a nested json

Hi @Sahil_Garg1

Try like this

best would be you share with us the JSON. Feel free to redact sensitive values

json.txt (4.6 KB)
Attached is one example

Need to extract and edit Data field only

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we serialized the JSON - myJObject

Find some access samples:

For me it is failing in json activity with same error.


Did you just read that and deserialized the string ?

Yes did the same:

what is your web activity version ? i am using older something 1.2

Okie, i guess version issue, in new version it is working fine, i am 1.11.2 older one, which is giving error.

Need to see on that now.


currently i was working with 1.16.2

Actually , that was also not an version issue.

It was server issue due to which some activites are not working in UiPath connected to orchestrator.

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