Try Catch continue

I have two Urls in my excel file

    uipath will fetch this URL and hit. For the first instance it will ask for the login credentials and for the next, login credentials wont appear.
    It is not handling the exception.
    I have used try catch block.
    inside catch block I have used continue statement. Is this right?.
    If login credentials not found it must continue and find next element.

Kindly suggest

Thanks in Advance

Buddy @KarthikBallary

kindly avoid continue activity inside the catch block as it is specially meant for only loops

for more info on continue activity here you go

Fine coming to the point,
buddy you have already found the answer, see

use find element activity in the catch block or element exists and check for the element you want buddy
Cheers @KarthikBallary


Once you entered into Facebook login page and use Element Exists Activity and identify any element. It is exists then enter credentials else go to next steps.


Okay Thank you

Thank You

Kindly try this and let know buddy @KarthikBallary

Its going good, but I have one more issue.
when it hits for the second url it will take to the new tab.
But here I am getting exception its going back to first tab.
How to handle this

Thanks in Advance

Buddy @KarthikBallary
use a separate open browser activity for that second url and try buddy

But Url will be fetched from excel. It may not be only 2. For each loop is used.
When the first url process completes. I will fetch 2nd one and complete its req operartion
and then third and so on

Fine, then try to log out from the first url if it gets inside the url (facebook), before trying to get to the new one within for each loop
Cheers @KarthikBallary

I have tried this but same problem. Ok will try to use close tab and let you know

try to use close tab activity buddy @KarthikBallary

did that work buddy @KarthikBallary

No, I think the issue is different. suppose if we have URL say eaxmple https://url/1234--we click on “pay” option. when we hit the second url https://url/1235...we need to hit same pay option.

Is there any diif?
I have used click option

In java selinum we had same xapths. but here?

suggest still better way of handling

ok forget this issue, (6.2 KB)
download this file.
It has one html and one excel file
fetch the marks from excel of particular student and then enter the same in html page.

someone send the uipath sequence for this. I am facing some issues (12.8 KB)
I have done but directly hitting 3 rd Url kindly have a look