Try/Catch block not found

I can not find Try/Catch block(by finding and right mouse click on any block)
(I am using community version of UiPath)
Please help!

I am using 2023.04 version

@breakvnn can you share screenshot


hi Raja,
Attached file is my context menu

@raja.arslankhan I spent some hours on google and I can not find any solutions. Please help!

@breakvnn as I am looking your other options are also missing. can you tell me your full version.
latest is 2023.4.2

yep, I am using this version

@breakvnn its studio x ?

My UiPath version is community :slight_smile:

@breakvnn but its studio x right, Studio and studio x is different.

oh, Please give me free studio version. I am new to UiPath, thank for your help!

Go in setting and change with Studio.

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oh, I installed this version on other laptop, and it still show X version. The title of installation file is “UiPathStudioCommunity.msi”. What is wrong?

Hey, After you installed Studio, you can go and change the profile , refer screenshot below:

Hope this helps.

@breakvnn Previously It was downloading by default and now it has option to change from settings you can change it by changing license


Because your license is AutomationExpress, you cannot switch to Studio.
For now, can you check your license/plan in AutomationCloud - admin - license?


If your plan is free, there is no license which we can use Studio.
The following will help you to create new organization which is Community plan.


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I can not change:

I cannot change it(dissabled now), thank for your help:

did you download from here?