Trouble adding a column to a datatable

Hi all

I’m extracting a column from an web excel document using the “Read Column” activity and saving it as column_SubmitDate



After this activity, I am trying to add this column to an existing data table called “dt_ReportA”, however I get a compiler error that states that “column_SubmitDate” is a 1-dimensional array of object:



Does anyone know of a way I can add this column of data to the data table?

We assume that you are expecting the following:

  • read Column output (holding the retrieved column values) can be used for population, when adding a data column to a datatable, right?

The add Datacolumn is used for adding a DataColumn to a datatable. It will use /expect:
the data column name - as String - Property: ColumnName
a a datacolumnvariable / definition - as Data Column - Property Column

For modelling your case we would recommend the following:

  • add the datacolumn to the data table
  • Then iterate over extracted column values and update the corresponding row at the dedicated datacolumn

We would also recommend to explore on how the read data column in the implementation version of your referenced package is handling null /empty column values, when this case is to expect within the data

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Thanks Peter

I see - so the add Datacolumn activity should be done first, then the values in column_SubmitDate should be added in a for each loop.

My column has >36,000 rows so I might have some issues here. Will give it a go and see what performance is like.

Thank you for your help.

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