Transpose datacolumn to rows using linq

Hello, hope anyone here can help me on how to pivot or transpose datacolumns to rows using linq? is it possible to do multiple row array(i.e. ra1= New object(){column1,column2}; ra2= New object(){column1, column3})? If yes is it possible to do multiple dt.rows.Add? one for ra1, the other is for ra2? Note, i’m hoping i can all do this under one assign activity.


Check below activity

Hope this helps you


it appears that the activity will transpose everything, the activity does not provide option to choose which column to be transposed. Hence, me looking at using dt.rows.add however, since it contains several rows, i’m missing a specific syntax to add several rows. Example of my code is as follow:

From r in Dt1.AsEnumerable()
Let ra = New Object(){r(0),r(1)}
Let ra2 = New Object(){r(0),r(2)}
Select dt2.rows.Add(ra)
Select dt2.rows.Add(ra2)).CopytoDatatable