Transfer data between 2 excels (column headers are different)


I want to transfer the data from one excel file to another but the column headers are different.

Source Excel

Destination Excel

I want the result like this.

and the Destination Excel is not fixed. It changes from time to time

User Read range activity from source and write range activity to destination, it should help you. Let me know if you are able to fix it.


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You want to paste the data table of first excel in second whatever may be the column name right? I mean, the name may be changed every time, but pasting the data table should work right?

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From what i understood, you want to read the source file and paste everything in destination excel, except the headers.

If that’s corret i would use a read range activity and import the source excel into a datatable in Uipath , then i would read the destination excel (blank, to catch headers only) and create a new datatable in Uipath.

Finally i would use a for each row for datatable_source_excel and would assign the columns of first datatable to the second.

Finally i would write it again with a write range.

In this way the only thing you have to take into consideration if the destination excel changes is the order of the columns.

Hope it helps

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