Tracking Internet Explorer downloads

Hello, I’m working with UIpath project that needs to download the file from internet using IE(that’s the part which works fine) and I need to change it’s name on air. The name of the downloaded file generating on the server so it’s not a solution to find it by name in downloads. Any suggestions?
Thank you!

If you use the HTTP Request activity to request the file then in the Response tab of the HTTP Request Wizard you can specify that you want to download a resource and specify a specific filepath. Simply give the filepath as whatever you want the file to save as.

Unfortunately, I’m using just a button on a web page and clicking the button to save it(I couldn’t click on save as couse uipath doesn’t read this showlist)

If you don’t want to use the HTTP Request activity then you could try to grab the newest file from the Downloads directory.

This should grab the downloaded file, as it is the most recent one. Then you can rename it to whatever you want with the Move File activity. Keep in mind that this would fail if something else were downloaded in the meantime.

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