To pass argument as argument in VBA macros

For array - public function arrayfn(ParamArray Arr() as variant)
Likewise how to pass datatable ?
Please help me out

Datatable is not a variable type within VBA, so you can’t pass that to the macro. You must match variable types.

Here is a post showing a method I’ve used in the past to pass argument parameters to your macro: Passing Argument to Excel Macro

It is possible they’ve made it easier to do within UiPath, but that method is still working just fine

Is there is no way to pass datatable as argument from uipath to macro function

No, you can only pass matching variable types.

E.g. if the macro accepts integer, string you have to pass only a single integer and a single string (in that order).

Sorry for asking same is there is way to give array of datable

You can’t pass datatable variables to VBA, because VBA doesn’t have a datatable variable type.

An array of datatables contains datatable variables, so you can’t pass them to VBA

Thanks :blush: