To check 24hour older Email

How to check the 1st email in a specific folder is Older than 24hours. Any suggestions?


Check below post for your reference

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Let’s say…
There will be folder called Inbox which contains so many mails.

I need to see the latest email(topmost 1st email) received date and time…

If that received date is more than 24 hours from current time…log a business exception…

How to do!?? Any suggestions…?

Hi @suryasuhas527

You can use the activity: Get Outlook Mail Message. Then you have to set in the properties by Top the number 1 to get only the last email. See the screenshot. In this screenshot the number is 30, so I will get the most recent 30 emails. But if you want to get only the last mail, you have to set the number 1. You will get the emails as collection/datatable or something similar. You have there all data you need, such as receive time etc. You can then check this time if it older than 24 hours or not.

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