Timestamp to string

Hi All,

In my workflow I have a counter that I am appending to a timestamp that is also converted to string. The following is my code
counterID.ToString+ DateTime.Now.ToString(“HHmmss”)+DateTime.Now.ToString(“MMddyy”)

The result I get is the following :

CounterID:1000010 Time:112531 Date:050000

But if I do not include the counter then the time stamp is captured correctly :

Time:113222 Date:051517

In the first code the date part is not getting captured I am not sure what is happening. Appreciate any suggestions or functionalities I should be using.


You need to format your excel column (probably from Number to Text)

or pass in the below way

“'”+counterID.ToString+ DateTime.Now.ToString(“HHmmss”)+DateTime.Now.ToString(“MMddyy”)

(single quote in the beginning)