TimeSpan format in trigger input parameter

Dear All,
we just faced an issue: we want to give a timespan in a parameter to the process (from Orchestrator, trigger), which tells the process after that time it should do something.
Our problem is that the given timestamp is not taken in any format. Logical would be for me, the “00:05:03” for example (hour:min:sec) The orchestrator says , it waits the timestamp in JSON format. How should it look like?
I have made a demo, which will only log the given timestamp. I have tried this in many format, but the default value is simply not overwritten.

Do you have any idea? No workaround is good for us, for example giving as string and parsing the value - we can do that, but we would like to handle with timespan. Thank you!

Hi @bence.gorog ,

You have to create new instance like below

TimeSpan interval = new TimeSpan(2, 14, 18);

Change the default value as

new TimeSpan(2, 14, 18)

Hi, it did work for me.

In the logs it shows the values properly.


Thank You, @alexandretperez , but for you also just showing the default value, not what you have given as input parameter in the orchestrator, isn’t it? Looks like, in your case as well, the orchestrator did not take the value what you have typed in. I assume, this format is not valid there: “05:04:03”
My question would be here, what is the right format?

Hi @bence.gorog,

No, the default value that I set in my in_Timespan is 01:02:03 which you are seeing in the picture but if you look above it you will also see 12:05:45 which is the parameter that I passed though Orchestrator and as you can see, it did overwrite the value successfully.


Lets try with “05:04:03”: