Time stamp validation in a web application

Hi there,

I am using a web application and I got stuck at a point. For every transaction taken from the excel workbook, I need to login to the web application and grab the date from the website and need to validate with current date. I need to check whether the date in the website is more than 6 business days or not with current date. After that I need to update success or failure in the excel for that particular transaction.

Please guide me to get through this. Thank you and have a wonderful day.


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Use Get Text activity to read data from web application and then convert it to Date type. Now you compare this date with current date. If the difference is more than 6 days then write Failure into Excel cell else Success.


Hi lakshman,
I really appreciate you for your help. I know the logic but I dont have good foundation in basics. Can you please be more specific about usage of activities in detail? :slight_smile:

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Giri kumar