Time in Excel


I have a problem about Read Range activity. In Excel, I have 5 times with 5 different lists below. I need to compare these times with current time then I decide the list which Im going to use. However I can not get the times. image I am taking this value. I also tried to change format to time in excel but it didnt work.
Here is my Excel, image You can think of hours as headers.


@Alperen_Tac Can you provide the Excel File?

Agent Listesi.xlsx (13.7 KB)
Here it is

@Alperen_Tac Also isn’t it possible to have the same timings in two or more headers ?And what is the Comparison, Is it Equal to the Current time, Less than or Greater than operation?

I am going to use less than operation. If current time is less than b1 then use b1 list.
else: if current time is less than c1? then use c1 list.
else… it will be smt like that

@Alperen_Tac If it is Satisfying the Condition for all the Headers? What Should happen? :sweat_smile:

If there is no more header, use the last one :sweat_smile: and tomorrow its going to start again :smiley:

@Alperen_Tac Can you tell us what should be the Output considering your File as Input?