Time change from 09:30-11:30 to 0.3958333333333333-0.4791666666666667

I need to send many email with different subject, all email subjects stored in an Excel file. The start and end times I read from the Excel file are 09:30-11:30, but when I add them as variables to the email template, the time format becomes 0.3958333333333333-0.4791666666666667. How can I modify it?
I use Assign start time to String.

Email content show like this:


Can you try the following expression?

 Datetime.FromOADate(CDbl(row("Start time").ToString)).ToString("HH:mm")
 Datetime.FromOADate(CDbl(row("End time").ToString)).ToString("HH:mm")


Thanks for your kindly help. It works

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