This row already belongs to another table error... what do I do wrong?


Why do I get the error?

What I’m trying to do is:

I have a data table called work_database_mainfilters, I need to split this data table in three separate data tables in order to do some advanced filtering, and then I need to merge these three back into one again.

This is my workflow:

Do you have any ideas?

The error:


A row can only be in one DataTable at a time. If you want the same data in more than one DataTable, you will have to copy the data into a new DataRow and add the new row instead

When using Add Datarow activity

give a try:

  • use instead of DataRow:CurrentRow

Add List as Row: CurrentRow.ItemArray

I don’t understand.

So I start off with this main filters data table,

and then I’d like to end up with merged data table.

How do I do that? If the row can’t be in two data tables at the same time is it possible to delete my first data table or something? (Sorry for stupid questions)

not needed

  • as mentioned above: using the CurrentRow.ItemArray

We assume that you are working at StudioX otherwise there would be also the Merge DataTable activity

Yes… merge data table ehhh. Thanks

Hey, what can I do if one of my data table that I want to merge is empty? I get Object reference not set to an instance of an object. error. and I would like this to be ignored

initialize it before with: YourDTVar = new DataTable()

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