The values of the variable from the for loop to array

hello! please help me. I have a for loop for array1 in which values ​​are assigned to a new variable. then I need to make a new array from these values ​​(array2). how can i add all these values ​​to array2?

Hi @bolbat_evgenia
Use a “For Each” item in your array1 inside the Body, use “add to collection” with collection being a list of string, let’s call it lstTempList, item is item.toStrin and typeargument is of course string. Outside this, add a new activity “Assign” with the to: array2 and Value: lstTempList.ToArray


You can use Add to collection activity, Create a 2nd array and mention in Add to Collection Activity with your rules


@avejr748 thank you! I did it, but the output panel showed an error: "add to collection: the “collection” property of the “add to collection” element is not initialized. What could be the reason?

lets assume you have created a string list then put in the variable panel under the default value following:
new list(Of String)

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Oh yeah! you’re right, I didn’t it! thank!

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