The extension .docx does not have a known content type

Hi Team,

Am receiving the error the extension .docx does not have a known content type defined while iterating throught each files using Digitize Document . Anyone please help me out here?


can you save your .doc file as pdf , then use digitize document on the pdf ?


You can use UiPath.Word.Activities package.
It has a readymade activity called read text. You can extract text using this activity instead of digitize document and use the variable containing text in further document understanding steps.

we have a different set of files
eg: .pdf, .docx, .jpg etc.
Is there any alternative extensions to read all types of files.

Hi @ydhanabalan ,

You could check the documentation on Digitize document activity below :


Since the supported file types are listed in the above image, you would have to create a mechanism to convert your other file types which are not supported to the supported file types and then pass it to the Digitize document activity.

Hi @ydhanabalan

You have to convert the .docx file or .doc file to .pdf or save it as a image which would help you out to run it smoothly.

Supported formats are .png, .jpg formats different one .tif, .gif, and .pdf

thanks , do you know the package name for Read Document text Activity?

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