The excel "Amount" Column I had convert to Number, however, it display as text, and it cannot sum when I create pivot table, who can help me solve this issue?

I have one excel which download from Oracle and I save as excel, the data display text format however they are general format, and I had convert “Amount” column to Number , my issue is when i use the data source create pivot table, it can not sum amount, I need you help. thanks.


Test_176887620.xlsx (13.4 KB)

Hello @Lori ,

Please refer to this thread :

Thanks for you reply, which need enable Macro, any other method can solve this issue?
is studiox can solve this issue?

Hello @Lori ,

There are few other methods :

  1. Use Format Cell

  2. Use Custom Activity by BalaReva
    UiPathGo - BalaReva Excel Activities - #15 by balupad14

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I had tried use format cell and failed.


@Lori ,

So After format cell you are getting values in Number format in the given sheet (Sheet1)? Also Can you check once your pivot table and confirm everything is correct.

After Format Cell, when I click right mouse and click “Format Cell” and found the column had format as number as top topic screenshot, however, it still display as text feature, and when create pivot table, it still cannot sum.

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