The below mentioned web page consist of list of allocate buttons and i want to select the allocate from the list based on the sow role and location from the input file..any help

Hi @syed1994
I assume this is an excel sheet where you want to click(let me know if it’s not).

I’ve prepared a zip file that contains a xaml file and excel with dummy data:

and since I know you can’t share your file I tried making the same logic you’re trying to implement,
so the attached workflow will click on the situation cell according to the parity of the Age column
(even Number ===> click
Odd Number ====> don’t click)

There are more details inside the workflow (19.7 KB)

hope it helps
enjoy :wink:

hii bro the actual process is i am given a excel file it consist of roles of the employees if the sow role in the web page = jobe role from the excel file i have to click on allocate coresponding to that particular row

so the image that you’ve attached is from web application?

s reda

ok so I would say you need to

  • Read the datatable from your excel

  • Use get text from your the “SOW Role” column in the web app (you have to make a dynamic selector so you can loop through the columns with the dynamic attribute change to fit each new column)

  • finally you have to check if the element you just read is in the column of roles (ir yes you click using a dynamic selector also that has the same logic like the previous one)

if I have the website I could help you with the process.

hope it helps :smile:

I Thought like i just use find children activity then using that i will insert a for each loop under for each i will give a if statement under condition like sow role= role(from excel) means click in the element of the click i can use item…will it work

this is what I tried…