The 50 character minimum is annoying

Oftentimes the answer is simply to provide a URL, a quick reference to an activity name, etc.

Now, with the 50 character minimum, I have to type extra unnecessary text in order to help someone.

@postwick Yes agreed. 10 to 20 char is enough as a restriction:

I agree,

It shouldn’t be left empty that should be a validation, any character length should be permitted.

Thanks for quick feedback. I reverted it to the site default of 20 characters (still higher than it was, which was 10).

It will continue to be higher for first topics though, which is right now 100.

Just for some context. This change was a response to the behaviour of “booking” a place in a new topic by writing anything to then edit the answer after the further discussion happened in the hope of scoring a solution mark this way. The hope was that having the limit enforced, the first reply would already have to be more useful.

As always, the goal is to find a balance between keeping things fair for our monthly rewards while not degrading the current experience.


People are actually gaming the system here to try to score solutions? That’s…weird. Thanks for the quick update.

Yeah you actually noticed very well. Its a trick to post any thing and edit back. you can restrict edit option by 1 and 2 times only

That may be another undue hinderance. I often edit posts multiple times to fix mistakes and add info.

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@postwick Yeah you are also right sometime during writting we forget important things