Text file coding


I would like to kindly ask if there is a possibility to customize encoding in UiPath? I would like to read txt file which has encoding Windows: Center Europe 1250, but some characters are not recognized. Any suggestion?

Encoding option is available in Read Text file activity

charactor coding ref
if above is not working please provide text that you are trying to read


Guys, pls i need help with some thing.
i bought some information from abroad and the file is a text file but it is showing some codes which i can’t interprete.
this is how it look 100022318103506:cra71073@loaoa.com:1439897837:xs=4%3ASmSxEvGAWnrWyQ%3A2%3A1610662187%3A-1%3A-1;

Hi @Divad_Ally ,

It seems url encoded string. For now , can you try the following method?