Terminate workflow issue

Hi All,

My scenario is : The bot is filtering tickets and checking whether there is any ticket after filtering or not. If there are tickets it will move forward. If not it will close the browser and terminate the workflow as i am using terminate workflow activity there. The bot is working properly here but when i check the output logs then there it is showing that application failed to close gracefully. Although i have added proper message in terminate workflow activity but it is not getting displayed. Why this is so?

Can you guys help me here to fix this or to enhance this flow?

Thank you.

I think after the close activity executes the terminate activity executes without any delay,So the execution terminates and close activity execution may get disturbed due to that you are getting issue.Please try some delay in between those activity.

ok. I will check by applying some delay in between. @sangeethaneelavannan1 . Thank you.

applying delay is also not working. @sangeethaneelavannan1