Task Capture - What "est. time" is associated to Screen Capture and it's results?

  1. Within a Word or UiPath document that contains screen captures (screenshots), the time (est. time) in the title of that screen capture is associated to that screen capture or the one prior?

  2. Is the “Est. Time” being the results of the action taken? (e.g. Click, Type, etc)?


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It is estimated time for activity that is being performed…it is more like a projected time.please check below link



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Hi @kelly.l.hutchison

In a Word or UiPath document that contains screen captures (screenshots), the “Est. Time” in the title of a screen capture is typically associated with the action that was taken prior to capturing the screenshot. It represents the estimated time it took to perform the action or step before the screenshot was taken.

The purpose of including the “Est. Time” in the screenshot title is to provide additional information about the timing and sequence of actions taken during the automation process. It helps in documenting and analyzing the workflow, especially when reviewing or troubleshooting the automation.


Thank you Nitya for the prompt response. To be clear in my understanding…
The est time with the screenshot on that same page is associated to that same screenshot and represents the time it took to “click” or “type” correct?

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Kelly H.

Hi @kelly.l.hutchison

Yes it’s right

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