Take screenshot inside for each loop and Name it manual as well as automatic by Uipath

1.I use to pass data from excel for a login functionality.
2.I use For Each Row activity to pass excel data.
3.Inside For Each Row ,used if condition to check validation are there.
4.if validations are there ,Take Screenshot and use Save Image to store in a place with a name.

Two question here :

  1. i want to know how can i change the name of the screenshot for each iterations automatically by uipath.
    2.i want to pass Screenshot name from excel.

You have to use a combination of Take Screenshot Activity and Save Image Activity.

I used takescreenshot and saveimage …but it replaces the captured image for every iteration . that is …image is replace with same name.

In the save Image activity, are you setting the file name in the properties panel.
The file will be saved with a name given in the file name.

So i should not give the file name in the property panel for SaveImage.
Im saving the output of Take Screenshot and adding that to a Image field in the property panel of SaveImage Activity added some directory with some name to Filename property ,so that it gets saved in some place

If a name or a directory is not given to Filename field , SaveImage shows error msg as “Filename was not supplied”.

Check this workflow… Takes screenshot and saves the image with a name from the variable.Main.xaml (5.6 KB)

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Thanks Dude ,It worked