Take data from the master sheet and fill to the other sheets having some format and do the sum accordingly

Here is an excel sheet shared Ledg.xlsx (15.4 KB)

In which Master Data sheet contains the master data and other sheets are created as per the Name(unique) in the master data.
The master data gets generated every month.

And the output will look like

In the above two images the thing happening is
Example- all the data of ID No - 18695 is putted into the new sheet Tatera- DNT.

Because master data gets generated ever month so i want the new data to be inserted in last row without overlapping and then sum is done for whole data in the last.

The SUM column in the sheet shows the sum of values of every month and while doing the sum of current month the last month data is also added as shown in the image above.

I don’t know how to insert the data like this and do the sum in the required manner.

Please help.

Hi @Swara_Soni

so, you want to add a formula into a cell, right?
In this case, this post should help you:

@RoboHeart thanks for the reply but i think you didn’t understand the whole situation …my main task is to extract data from master sheet and fill in other sheets then to add is another task…i am unable to achieve the first task .

Please help


Is those data are fixed cells?

You can try with below post for your reference


You can set the value in datatable if you have specific location

Hope this helps you


Sorry, my fault. :man_facepalming: