Table crossing challenge

Good night dear. I’m having the following problem:

I have the table in the link below:

Where do I need to insert the corresponding month/year in an existing table: the table below is attached

Ex.xlsx (10.5 KB)

I’ve tried several ways, extracting this table is quite complex as it looks like it’s divided into several blocks of tables, and I still couldn’t think of a way to insert the data into the corresponding cells


I hope the following sample will help you getting each date and the corresponding value from all tables…

Open tableextraction.xaml
PepProcess - Copy (7).zip (13.7 KB)

Then writing to excel is something that you can do I believe in same loop…to identify the row try using look up or find/replace activity to find the month name…Datetime.MonthName(3) will give you March or Marco as you need month can be obtained from the date value retrieved and also year can be obtained form date and can be used as the column name dt.Rows(monthnumber-1)(year) might work directly without using Monthname look up aswell…as in datatablefirst row is zero which contains jan…so 1-1 = 0

Hope this helps


In my activities in the Enterpriste version there is no “For each element” activity, is there any other similar way in older versions


You can do a similar approach using get children activity and get all the tables only

Approach remains same


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