System null exception

After downloading a file, i am getting a below exception.:

How to resolve the issue?


That means that any of your variables is taking a null value, and you are trying to perform any kind of operation with that null value, please make a debug and check that all your values are gettin the correct value

It should be close to your “file download” write line


but files are downloading in some cases it shows this exception


Run it in debug mode so when bot throw the exception, you can see in Imediate Pane or Locals Pane the variables values. Something your code no assign value correctly to your variables. In debug mode you can see where it is happens

Error in this condition

Hi @Cuberoot

Can you check whether str_File and str_FileName is returning any value?



put a breakpoint in that log activity, and check before it executes that all you variables have the right value


I have put them in a log message but when it ran the log message did not appear and it shows object reference not to set an instance of object.So what to do?