System.DirectoryServices Installation failure

Hello Guys,

I am trying to do an integration with AD which require the pakage “System.DirectoryServices” to be installed, however every time i tried installing it from the package manager i face this error “Package installation failure”.
is it a compatibility issue or am I doing something wrong?
screenshot for your reference:

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Can you share the error details?

Can you try to add it manually in the project.json file @nawara?

Hi Hareesh,

thank you for you reply. I tried to do that and i got the same error.

Hi @Sourav_Anand,

this is the only error I’m getting (screenshot).

Any ideas…?


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Thank you for posting your query in UiPath Developer Forum.

Me too getting the same warning, But I think still we can proceed with the implementation.

If you are enterprise licensed user then contain UiPath Support team