System.AggregateException while invoking java code from Uipath

Hi All, I am getting System.aggregateException while invoking java code from Uipath, the error always pointed to Invoke java code activity, path and method name are proper. I tried it many ways but every time I end up with an exception so kindly give me the solution, I have

attached the screenshot of exception, thank you in advance.

Kindly check once with the code getting executed or not in a shell
And if still that does help here then recreate the activity on deleting this and try once
Ensure that all parameter is provided to the code and the activity as well

Cheers @Siddu

Environment variables are not set properly so i was getting exception, now the java code without error executing from shell, but this time i am getting different exception when ran java code from uipath. i am not providing any parameters here, directly calling “main” method. The exception is like Invalid operation(“Constructor Could not be called”). What could be the issue?

@Palaniyappan Any updates on this?

This look like an Error along the code while creating a constructor

Cheers @Siddu

Hi @Palaniyappan In my java code i am not using any constructor, simply i am adding two integers and sending output to uipath under main method. i am calling main method from uipath.


Hi @loginerror kindly help us on this

Hi @Siddu

Could you Copy to Clipboard and paste here the full error message?

Bonus points for a sample project that reproduces the issue :slight_smile: