System.AggregateException in loading Python Script

Hi !

I am getting System.AggregateException when trying to load a Python Script in Uipath.

Attached the xaml File for reference.
Trying the Voice to Text feature using Python Script

@Hiba_B @loginerror can you look at this pls.

VoiToText.xaml (6.4 KB)

Hi @Vaishnavi_k.l

Any chance you could share a dummy project that reproduces the issue for you?

Also, have you already tried to update the Python activity package to the latest version?

Lastly, please have a look at this post:

Hi @loginerror Here is my Demo Project also attached the Python file which converts Text to Voice.

VoiToText.xaml is the file created with Python Activities.
Email Ready is the file that has Python Code.
The (355 Bytes) (20.2 KB)

BTW , am not clear about the above solution you have attached :slightly_smiling_face: as am new to UiPath and Python

It is about trying to run the script from Windows CMD by using:

It is to verify that all Windows environment variables are correctly set.

Thanks for your Help @loginerror . Your Answers helped me a lot. :slight_smile: Now it is working!

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