Switching between windows of same programs


I have to switch between program windows, copy some pages in a window and paste them to other window. But program get confused while trying to do them. I did some research about it and some people recommend to use attach window function. I tried to use it but I get same problem again. Is there any way to fix this problem?

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is there any way in a selector to differenciate between the two windows (e.g. different filename in headline…)?

File names are different but headlines of windows look same (something like “see.exe”) because of the program.

As a best practice - is to use attach to the window - and verify with Element Exist or Find element, if a distinct element is they’re on the page - in order to make sure you are on the right window .

the open Application / attach Window activites have an output variable called Window of datataype window.
This can be used for swithing between the two applications


  • ApplicationWindow - The found active window. This field supports only Window variables. When a Window variable is specified, SearchScope and Selector properties are ignored.

And for later referencing:

Window - The window to attach to. This field accepts only Window variables.

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