Switch tabs in chrome based on title

Hi everyone,

I have a scenario. I want to switch tabs in chrome based on title.
Example: i have 3 tabs open in chrome AMAZON, FLIPKART, OLX.

I don’t know which tab is selected.
Based on title which i give as input it bot should activate that screen.

Suppose if I want to perform any actions in amazon website i need to switch to Amazon tab and do my actions.
If I want to do in Flipkart means i need to switch to FLIPKART based on title and perform actions on that
Can anyone tell me how can i do this

Hi @Learner007

You can use attach browser activity inside that use Get attribute or Get text to get the site name

Use hot keys to navigate the tabs inside while or if condition to get the desired site


Hi @AJ_Ask i have 3 websites. I don’t want to work on the what ever opened screen. I need to select some perticular screen depends on the input which i get from Excel. What can i do at the time. If I’m working with 3 tabs. I don’t think so if my not workout for this.

I found a solution for this. I’m using for each row with count Loop of 10. I’m using elementexist if it’s true it will break the loop. If false it will switch to next tab. It is working for me as of now.

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Hi @Learner007

Even this solution will check which site is open right now by using get text or get attribute like i mention. Our site name is stored in the variable SiteName. In if statment it will check if the site is matching with whatever site I want to open.(I used Amazon in eg. But this is where you can also you use variable which will stored your desired site name which you will take from excel)If it is not matching it will use hot keys to change the tab. You put this in while loop with break when site found. Good that you found another approach.

Cheers happy automation

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