Switch is not working


Dear Forum,
I don’t find any answer of my problem.
I try to use switch for multiple choice. The type of examined expression is String.
And the Switch command doesn’t select any case.

I can solve it only with multiple “If”.

Do you have any answer why “Switch” doesn’t work.

Thank you in advance


What error you are getting @nokbaratja.


No error.
But not select.


HI @nokbaratja,

can you share the screen shot or xaml file to verify




Hi @nokbaratja,

Remove double quotes from all the case its not required



The Switch doesn’t select “EQ” nor “TAX” tree.


Question: Do I have to remove double quotes after “Case”?


This way?


Hi @nokbaratja,

yes correct @nokbaratja

Refer this one for more info



Thank you Arivu. I try it.
from Hungary


HI @nokbaratja,
Here i have attached a sample to you. check it.

File : Switch is not working.zip (2.3 KB)


Pick elements from Multiple invoice with different format

Thank you Balupad14. Very simple solution.:sob:
from Hungary


Nice :slight_smile:


Thank you as well. I was struggling with this for a couple of hours trying various ways. I have an array of strings that are my selections that include spaces. Your test flow made it easy for me to add the string[] array and see if it still worked, it did, then add spaces in the string (I was skeptical of this one) and that worked too. I didn’t see in the documentation where it said that the strings in this special case don’t need “” especially when they have spaces. Thank you


Hi Bill, I agree with you. That is a strange situation (swith command) with string variable.
And I do not understand why I do not find this in the documentation.
Never mind!:slight_smile: