Switch Case with Variable at "Case"

I have read the documentation of the activity ‘Switch’ and know that I have first to define the type of input.
For my needs I select “string”. Now I want to iterate with “ForEach” over an array of strings.
The result is this:

At this point I run into a problem. I can use a default value at this point but I cannot use a variable that I want to be evaluated and the value of the variable compared to the string value.
As far as I know until now I have to know every value that can occur at this place first before I can use this activity.
May be that I’m missing something, but can someone show me a solution to the problem?

Thanks in advance


We cannot set variable in Case. However, the following expression in Expression property helps switch dynamically.




Thanks for your answer. Yes, I can use this as workaround.

But in my opinion this is activity is not complete and can only be used rudimentarily.
For example: In C# it is defined that each case label defines a pattern that is compared to the match expression. This means that in C# it is possible to use complex objects at that point. I don’t want to ask for this entirely, but a little bit more flexibility would be welcome.


What is the best way to make this issue more known? 2 years later and this recommended change to make the switch statement more robust by providing the ability to use variables in cases has still not been made.


Excellent idea!!! my knowledge is unlocked.