SWITCH activities - ELSE option

Hi, i don’t be able to use the else option using the switch activity.
for ex:
if I individuate 2 cases, in the rest of the cases I want to do something, how can I do it?

the “Switch” activity does not provide an “else” option for handling cases that do not match any of the specified values.

if you want to perform some action for any case not explicitly handled, you can use the “Default” case in the “Switch” activity. The “Default” case is executed when none of the other cases match.


Can you try to use Default case?



it doesn’t work.
i try to do this:
expression: var.tostring
case building → do action A
case tower → do action B
default invoke method ImportRow in dt_KO

I hope that if var is equal to “building” i do action A, if var is equal to “tower” i do action B, in the other case I do the invoke method to build the dt_KO, is it true?

If your requirement is not matching with Switch

try to use Else if and add multiple condition.

Hi @Giorgia_Giannelli ,
In ‘Switch case’ activity you have default and 1,2,3… case
If you need case if you, you can use “If else” activity