Suppose there are 1000 rows and 50 columns, Suppose I want to select any random row data? How it can be done?

By giving specific row name can I do that. Or there is any activity to specify the row?

you have an activity called get row item. you can specify the row item which you want. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer…I used the activity it worked.

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Hey Vishal I have one more question …if I want random data from set of Row’s. How to do that?

Assign dtVariable = new DataTable
Initializing your DataTable variable

[Build your data table process]

Assign intRandom = new Random().Next(0, dtVariable.Rows.Count - 1)
This will give you a randomly generated number between 0 - N, where N = number of rows in your datatable (i.e., a data table of 10 rows will result in a count of 10)
We subtract 1 because dtVariable.Rows.Count starts at 1, whereas dtVariable.Rows(index) starts at 0 (i.e., a data table of 10 rows will result in an index max of 9).

Assign rowRandom = dtVariable.Rows(intRandom)
This will output a DataRow at random of DataRow type


Thank you @x.Rei.Ai.x

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