StudioX: How to find out last row number and column name, index in an excel range?

I need to figure out the last row number, column name and its index number in a given range. e.g.
I am working in a loop and each loop extract data from some system
This data gets pasted to a temp sheet
Need to find the edge points of this data after I paste it on temp sheet.
for iter1, it could be A1:Z20 (Need to find Z and 20)
for iter2, it could be A1:BO25 (Need to find BO and 25)
for iter3, it could be A1:DO32 (Need to find DO and 32)
and so on.


get columns and rows number. You can determine the position of the column by the number

@602782956 …I think user wants in StudioX not Studio. @deepakkapri88 …could you please confirm?

That right. I want to get this is StudioX not in Studio

@deepakkapri88 - Getting the cell address like BO or Z or anything is tough…it is not straight forward , because there is no activity in StudioX which will get this (I may be wrong too).

While there is no way currently to detect the column count (we will consider adding them), you can work directly with the Sheet and this will actually read the “used range”, no matter the activity which takes the Sheet as input.

If you have programming skills, you can use an expression similar to those already proposed for Studio. Paste the following expression in the Number dialog for Save For Later:
CType(Notes.Sheet(“Scratchpad”), DataTable).Columns.Count

@flavius Yes, I can use programming skills to figure out the column index now.
But I am also interested in the column name? Any way to get that?

They have introduced First/Last Data Row activity under Excel resource. Make sure you Excel package is the latest.

@Prinal_C Tried that. It doesn’t tell the last column name.