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One thing I am finding in certain internet applications for certain tasks I want the RPA to do (lets say for SUI SUTA state payments) is that the robot cannot type into a username or password field. My guess is that this state site (namely Michigan) will not allow UI path Studio X to recognize the type box for username because it is protected from a robot doing that kind of work on their site because of security. Have you encountered anything like this? I’ve tried every internet application ((chrome (extension installed), edge (extension installed), IE)) and it still wont type into or recognize the box. It gives an error every time. Any help would be awesome!

Hi Alin. I am struggling to find any good articles on how to handle exceptions in StudioX. Is there in StudioX anything similar like Try-Catch from Studio which enables to define behaviour when exception is encountered? If no, can you share some tips how you guys in UiPath imagine that exceptions should be handled in StudioX?

If you have specific use cases in mind here, it would be helpful to hear them for future planning purposes.

In general our philosophy is that StudioX is aimed at users without a programming background who don’t have experience/training with try/catch and is for the purpose of building attended automations only. This means that the user is expected to be at the machine while the automation is running. As such, instead of introducing programming constructs, anytime an error occurs at runtime the “Something went wrong” dialog appears which gives the user 3-4 options (depending on context) asking if they want to “Retry” (e.g. this gives them the ability to correct something on the machine, e.g. if an application got logged out then rerun the failing activity), Skip which skips the failing activity, or Stop to abort the workflow.

Dear Andrew. Thanks for your quick reply.

Specific case: I have robot that starts procedure by opening specific folder in win explorer. If at the time of run, another folder in win explorer is open, it will perform following actions on incorrect folder which will cause whole run to fail. User then needs to manually close folder (error message will not point this out to user, so user needs to be aware of this) and run should be started again.

I understand that StudioX is aimed at citizen users and it does this task very well, so if you could implement certain exception handlings following same level of complexity, I believe this would be very beneficial to enable creation of more robust and sustainable solutions.

Brady could you post a direct link to the page that has the issues you mentioned?

A fix for this is coming in 20.8, but there is a workaround till then:

  • Set the File Explorer card properties:
    • Open: Always
    • Close: Always
  • Add the folder path in the Application arguments field.