Studio X Taxonomy Manager

I am having issues finding the Taxonomy Manager in Studio X. Can anyone help me? I was able to build out a robot in Studio with Taxonomy Manager but am unable to get it started in Studio X.

Hi @duane.jordening,
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Have you installed the UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities package in the project?

@Pablito … I dont think Taxonomy manager will work on StudioX…correct me if I am wrong?

Yes I have installed the OCR.activities. After some emails with their IT it doesn’t sound like Studio X supports the Taxonomy Manager. Thanks for the information

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Yes it might be. Some packages can be installed as same as for Studio but not all Studio’s functionalities are available in StudioX. Sorry if I guide you wrongly. I wasn’t sure about that.

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Hello there, I installed UiPath.IntelligentOCR package, but I still can’t find Taxonomy Manager on my widget. I also updated my intel driver.

@Monica_Secelean - could you help?

Hi lingtv2!

The Taxonomy Manager should be in the top bar, as one can see in the screenshot:

If it’s not there, you may want to update your packages to the latest.
If it’s still not there, I would ask you to provide us details about your system and drivers, so that we can try to reproduce the issue.

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Hello, could someone help me please? :slightly_smiling_face:
I have a problem with my taxonomy manager.
I can’t create a group, the button is not clickable. Can you share the screenshot here

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Hello, thanks for your interest in wanting to help :slightly_smiling_face:

In the first print, I circled the group button, which has sometimes become clickable, but only after many tries.
In the second print, I circled the field where I should give the folder a name, however, it is not possible to type anything there.
So, I’m not able to work with the taxonomy and advance in my course. Can you re-start your studio and check once