Studio X Attaching downloaded file to Outlook email

I would like to automate a task with Studio X where i would like to download an invoice from a website and forward this file as attachment with Outlook. How can attach this exact same file i downloaded within the automation? I know that i can choose the file location but i would like to repeat this task every month but the pdf name is changing invoice to invoice because the site adds the invoice date to the name.
Thank you in advance.

One way to easily achieve this is to change your browser settings to ask for download. (shown here for Chrome)
This way you can also set the filename to be saved.

You may format it to include month name or number in a consistent format.

Alternatively, if you observe that the website provides the file in a certain consistent format, then you can program the bot to anticipate the file name pattern and find the file in default location.
With this approach, there will be a dependency on website’s supplied files. If they change their format, you will need to change your bot as well.

Thank you! I was able to make it work this way!

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